50th Anniversary - 1965!

The Sun Kings will be commemorating The Beatles’ music of 1965 and beyond, playing the hits, album cuts, and many new songs from the later years.

Experience The Sun Kings in Concert and you will hear the concert The Beatles never gave!

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With a repertoire of over 150 songs, and spanning the entire Beatles epoch - from Hamburg to the Rooftop - The Sun Kings shine in concert with spot-on arrangements and vocal harmonies delivered with a driving energy, joy, and vitality that recall the earliest Beatles performances.

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Yes, the real one.

Thank you, Ringo!

Jun 23th
Jul 3rd

Alamo Summer Concerts

Livorna Park, Alamo, CA

Jun 19th
Jun 18th

Upcoming Performances


James Funk:

A Busman’s Holiday

Drew Harrison:

Go It Alone

Solo Releases by Drew and Jim

Dry Creek Vineyard

Healdsburg, CA

Bands on the Beach  #1

Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, CA

Jun 17th

Menlo Park Concert Series

Menlo Park, CA

Music & Market Series

Todos Santos Plaza, Concord, CA

6th Annual “Summer  of Zin”

Jun 20th
Jul 3rd

Bands on the Beach #2

Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, CA

Two Shows on the Beach Boardwalk Stage in Santa Cruz!!

“We wanted Sir Paul McCartney ... but you would be our next choice!”

British Consulate in SF

The only band that could come that close to doing Beatles music would be The Beatles!”

Richard Freedman -Vacaville Media News

“The Sun Kings are the best Beatles band i’ve ever heard, and that includes the original Beatlemania cast, circa 1977.”

Scott Lettieri  -  KGO Radio San Francisco


Dean Goss - KFRC-AM San Francisco