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This is a Beatles Tribute band unlike any other.

Going into their 18th year and considered one of the premier Beatles Tribute acts in the country, The Sun Kings continue to amaze their fans and win over skeptics with their uncanny channeling and respect for the music they perform.

Hamburg Energy - Musical Authenticity.

With a repertoire of over 150 songs, and spanning the entire Beatles epoch - from Hamburg to the Rooftop - The Sun Kings shine in concert with spot-on arrangements and vocal harmonies delivered with a driving energy, joy, and vitality that recall the earliest Beatles performances.

What The Sun Kings bring to their concerts:

The Sun Kings play the same vintage instruments - the Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Gibson guitars, the Hofner Bass, Ludwig Drums - recreating note for note renditions of The Beatles’ recordings.

Although not a traditional “dress up” band The Sun Kings utilize

Beatles “period appropriate” stage clothing:

Beatlemania ’64 - Beatlemania ’65

Psychedelic - Get Back

The Sun Kings offer a variety of performances for your event:

The 50th Anniversary Concerts: 1963-1967

Chronological & Hits Only Performances

Beatles A-Z

The ‘Get Back” Sessions


In traditional performances the band play the hits,

as well as many favorite album cuts. 

In 2018, The Sun Kings are paying special tribute to the

The Beatles “White Album”

in their “50th Anniversary of 1968: The Beatles “White Album”

theater performances.

Experience The Sun Kings in concert and you

will hear the concert The Beatles never gave!

Now booking for the 2018-19 Season.

Available  for:

theaters, performing arts centers,

casinos, festivals, 

private & corporate events.

Contact Drew Harrison for pricing and rider


The Sun Kings - The Premier Tribute to The Beatles

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The only band that could come that close to doing Beatles music would be The Beatles!”

Richard Freedman -Vacaville Media News

“The Sun Kings are the best Beatles band i’ve ever heard, and that includes the original Beatlemania cast, circa 1977.”

Scott Lettieri  -  KGO Radio San Francisco

Dean Goss - KFRC-AM San Francisco


“The Sun Kings have the innate ability to create an immediate community, whenever or wherever they play... 

...with their sets loaded with peak moments, their dazzling harmonies leading each ascent, the Sun Kings only flaw is that they eventually have to stop the celebration, pack up the gear, and bring their magic to another town...”

Tom Stack

Lafayette’s Town Hall Theatre Board VP

Art & Wine Festival Stage MC

Ringo Starr loves

The Sun Kings!

“The Sun Kings are superb! close to The Beatles live , and in studio as possible!”

Ben Fong-Torres  - Former Writer & Senior Editor of Rolling Stone Magazine